About Us

Inspired by faith, culture and travel, Cozy Fox is a Luxury, Sustainable and Affordable Sleepwear brand based in Sydney, Australia for the modern-day woman focused on igniting meaningful conversations.


Cozy Fox was founded in 2020 by real life partners, Blinky and Min with the vision to curate a lifestyle brand to encourage and remind women that they are capable of extraordinary things and that their dreams are valid with the right support.

Ultimately our vision is to be a community that share the same values and are determined to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Comfort creates confidence and confident women walk in their purpose. Our modern interpretation of timeless classics that every woman should own, is influenced by that need for comfort infused with style. We want women to feel elegant, relaxed and sanguine.


Each piece is designed to be functional and flattering to you inside and outside of the bedroom and take you effortlessly from day and night. The idea is to ignite a meaningful dialogue between the person wearing it and those admiring it.


We work with People that share our passion for sustainable practices and our loungewear is made with attention to details from the most sustainable and ethically sourced materials.


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